Good Morning!

 Sara is the lucky owner of the kimono / bathrobe I made 
when I was participating in the Norwegian Sewing bee last year.
We were going to make a luxury dressing gown / bathrobe within 3 hours 30 min!

I chose to use viscose fabric combined with satin.
The bathrobe should have collar, side-pockets and 
the belt were suppose to have a creative detail.
I made a wrap-belt decorated with ribbons and pearls.

I'm really happy with the outcome which I managed within the time-limit!
I think the bathrobe suits Sara very well 💗 

Based on BurdaStyle pattern #128 11/2009


  1. surmesure (Julie)October 20, 2018

    Absolutely gorgeous!

  2. This is really gorgeous .. I love the viscose fabric. You have a great eye for fabrics.

    1. It makes me happy to hear ;-) Thank you very much for your kind compliments!


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