Mum's sweater became a skirt...

I'm always curious to see how my dress will look like 
after cutting apart several garments to make it..! πŸ˜…
My mum's old sweater is the eye-catching for this dress,
and it makes me Happy to wear it because it remains me of her πŸ’—

The red top is from the wool dress and the sleeves from the white sweater.
For the waist I have used a part of the wool top.
I made pockets for the skirt and sewed an exposed zipper in front. 
The collar is made of a piece I have left from a cardigan.

My husband always makes me laugh when he is taking the pictures! πŸ˜„


  1. This dress is lovely! Such a great idea to use this sweater as a skirt, very colorful!

  2. Your refashions always amaze me in your creativity and how you bring it all together. This one is fabulous and that you incorporated your mother's pretty sweater makes it all the more special.

    1. Yeah, I love to try new combinations and it's fun how different garments can be used together and be new once :) Thanks for your kind compliments dear Lisa!


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