Spiral Sash Dress

My lovely model and good friend, Inger Hanne 💕


This is another Japanese technic I've learned from Shingo Sato.
I start with the upper part and draw the lines I want to have.
Then I lengthen the the edges of the curves to make a sash.
I also drew a line for the back to make it more special. 
The skirt is based on a pattern from BurdaStyle.

I made a flounce on the skirt lining to make it softer.
The skirt is based on Burdastyle pattern #121 04/2016


  1. Love to seeing the progress of making this beautiful dress. You did a great work as always dear Ellen.

    1. Thank you very much for your lovely compliments sweet Hana! ♥

  2. Thank you for showing how you made this dress. It's fascinating how a plain flat pattern can be transformed.

    1. It's always interesting how it will look like at the end! :-)

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