Box Integration :)

I think this must be the closest I've been to make an artistic dress😅
It's my interpretation of the challenge from Shingo Sato.

It's a triangle on top of a square box.
As you can see on my picture below the triangle can stay out of the box or inside the box, but I think I prefer the last one!

It was a great challenge to sew all the small pieces together at the right direction, but I managed at last.

I love the slanted Seams dress from BurdaStyle, so I chose to use this pattern for the skirt.

I think it will be a great challenge to use the dress as well! he-he 😂

My good friend, Inger Hanne was my model on a local mannequin show. 


  1. Den kjolen for eit flott stykke arbeid😘E så spennande å sjå dei teknikkene du bruka !!Flotte farge...

  2. Your dress looks amazing! What a great design.


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