Green & Blue Refashion

Colors is nice to wear  this time of year!💎
My Lovely model Lisa was wearing the dress on a local 
mannequin show at Bømlo Husflidslag.  


I'm explaining how I made the dress of the garments below.

The dress is a combination of an old wool dress, 
a sweater and a jacket which I didn't wear anymore.
I have shown how I cut the garments apart,
so it's easy to make a new fresh item!😉

The green top was perfect to cheer the dress up!
As a collar I have used the bottom of the blue sweater and decorated it with a nice flower ribbon. 
The sleeves and the waistband are also from the same sweater.
The skirt is from the dark blue dress, so it's an easy project! 
By the way, I also change the buttons to "swarovski" crystals 😊


  1. That is really cute. I also liked it with the black and white from the dress form cover before the skirt was added.

    1. Thanks Carolyn! I can't stop with a top.., so it's always dresses I love to make ;-))


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