Day 1 - Ingrid Vik Lysne

I want to present some of my 


Ingrid designs clothes of used textiles. 
She participated in the Norwegian Sewing Bee in 2017.
Now she is living of teaching refashioning and sharing simple
sewing patterns on her website and in social media. 
She is having presentations and sewing courses about refashioning. 
Her passion is refashioning and she wants is to be fun and easy
- an activity for everyone 😉

Ingrid is most famous for her clothes sewn by embroidered tablecloths, 
and this autumn she had a mannequin show with a whole collection 
made of embroidered tablecloths at Jarga Fashion Weekend in Oslo.

Ingrid arranges ScandinaviaSyr and is now joining and launching
the "creative-snapchat" - a snapchat account to be filled with creative
inspiration and tip and trick with sewing, knitting, illustration, etc.

Feel free to follow Ingrid online and in social media for sewing inspiration and patterns. 
You can see how she made this Jacket and the Cap here:


  1. Så kjekt å følla med på,For ein fantastisk ide 🤗Glede meg til forsettelsen🤸‍♀️

  2. Very inspiring! Thank you for the post!

  3. I love this!! Ingrid's cap and jacket are fantastic and a wonderfully creative way to use embroidered tablecloths. Your Advent Calendar is a great idea Ellen and I look forward to seeing more creative work by others at your blog this month. Lisa

    1. Thanks Lisa! Ingrid is a very inspiring and creative lady and I love her handcrafted clothing 😍


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