Day 10 - Hana Velvet Ribbon

I'm Hana, I was born in Indonesia, but living in Macau-China for many years now. 

I'm a wife and a mom who love to sew for myself and close family. 
I started my sewing journey in the end of 2009 after I got my first Janome sewing machine, 
Janome overlocker and Burdastyle magazines. 

Since that day, I never stopped sewing and making stuff. 
Sewing makes me feel happy, creative and accomplished.

Also, I learned how to knit two years ago. 
I thought hand-knit was difficult but I was wrong, 
it was easier than drafting my own sewing patterns 😊 

I mostly sew in the morning and afternoon while my kid at school and knit at night. 
My goal is to continue creating handmade wardrobe and 
I'm happy that at this moment 70% of my clothes are made by me. 

Here are my two latest garments, Burdastyle boucle jacket 
and high neck top based on Sew Your Own Active Wear Book by Melissa Fehr. 
More about can be found in my blog 
Or you can find me at Instagram 

Sewing tip: 
Passion, keep trying and never stop learning. 


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