Day 11 - Elpida

Almost 50 but I feel 30…
Hard working IT Director in the morning, 
passionate seamstress at  night, 
caring mum the rest of the day.

Addicted to sewing, embroidery, crochet, painting but also to math and algorithms.
With a head full of colorful clothes and a pocket holding a budget of 20 €, at most.

I adore  fabric shopping but I don’t have a stash.
I work with  technology but in sewing I only  trust my hands.

Life is not easy, but I can’t imagine selling the clothes I make.
Elpida is the Greek word for Hope, and I just hope I can keep going like that.

One of my Favorite Project


  1. what fabulous sewing and creativity!

  2. So lovely to get to know you better Elpida! I have always admired your incredible creations.

  3. I love her! So many wonderful lady!

  4. Love reading more about you! And love love your sewing and creativity!


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