Day 12 - Rita Parenteau

Hello, my name is Rita, and I am very honored Ellen invited me.
I really enjoy all the beautiful makes Ellen makes.
I am an early retired 57 year old and love to sew every day when I am able too, 
unless I am enjoying my grandchildren. My granddaughter is learning to sew with me.  

My husband and I enjoy going on vacations either by plane or in our motor-home. 
Our favorite place is Las Vegas; the shows are wonderful!   

I have two rooms in our home dedicated to sewing, one room is where I sew and have my machines, and the other room stores my fabric. I think I have a lifetime supply of fabric and notions!  

 This is the Sweatshirt my daughter is wearing.
(I did not know I was on the pattern sale page! I just sent her a 'fit' picture because 
I tested the pattern for her before it was released for sale. 
I just saw the picture now, taken in my sewing room) 

It is well drafted, but the instructions are poor, and the inside finish of the pocket is untidy.  
It comes with three neck variations, and opportunity for color blocking. 
The base is a sweat with a fluffy inside, and the purple is cotton Lycra.  
It is a very popular pattern, and I have seen many nice versions of it. 

My sewing tip is: 
Do not sew when you are stressed or anxious, 
always relax and enjoy your sewing time.


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