Day 13 - Jan Bøyum

Besides being an addict of music (opera), literature and film, 
and an interest in current political mindsets, 
another part of me finds a lot of pleasure in sewing, tailoring culture one might say.

The kick off for this interest, and still the main reason, 
is to get better fitting and slightly more colorful garment for everyday use, 
and as a spice, fancy dresses and classical suiting will surface now and then. 

My passion is to refine my shirt sewing, 
making details crispy, and done within reasonable time. 
The one on the picture is not one of my best overall. 
It stayed with me for too long, but the collar went of beautifully, as did the cuffs. 
As always with shirts, no overlock, just French seams.

The British sewing bee tempted me into sewing, 
when I discovered how nice garment people made 
after just two years in spare time practices. 

Wow, if they can, I am also capable!

Not a regrettable choice, and in my family, a popular one 😊 

Sewing tip: 
Crispier details with basting after needling, and then sewing without needles.


  1. That is a great shirt, and I too, sew to opera. You remind me that basting is boring but always a good idea. Luckily I just located a 'basting' stitch option on an old machine!

    1. Thanks! That's great! Happy Holidays to you! :)


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