Day 14 - Mihaela Lopanov

My name its Mihaela Lopanov, I’m from Bucharest Romania.

As many of the sewing addicts, I’ve started in early childhood making dresses for my dolls. 
I remember I was dreaming about the day when I will be skilled enough to make dresses for myself.

 The years have passed and here I am now and what a journey have it has been 😊 
I’m 41 years old and by now I have done so many dresses, I’ve tried so many techniques, 
I’ve tried so many fabric choices, combine sewing with crafting, 
keeping all this only as a hobby till few weeks ago.

As everything happens for a reason and at its very own time, 
I succeeded to fulfill one of my dreams 
– to have own business where I can create everything that I ever dreamed of, 
but in an organized way 😊

The name of my business I’Dia Concept Design, its inspired by the most precious gift 
that I could ever get from God, my daughter Diana, 
who been my most inspiring muse over the years and still is 😊

Now, girls’ dresses, toys, bags, costumes, became a common practice 😊
I’m feeling totally confident about this path that I toke, 
I have a wonderful husband who it’s also happens to be my strongest support.  
The future can only be bright 😉

As sewing tip; I think I have a general one. 
Many of my friends, colleagues said after seeing my creations 
that they would never be able to make such things and my advice for them is to try! 
You don't know if you are able to do something if you don't try! 
And never be afraid to combine techniques, fabrics and to make own sewing techniques. 
I'm a Burda pattern fan, but can you believe that I never ever read instructions from a pattern?  
It's so twisting that I only need to use drawings to figure it out how to sew that pattern. 
In this way, over the years, I discover my self some sewing tips 
that now I can read in special sewing books and make me smile 😊 
Experience its the best teacher 😉


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