Day 15 - Hila

Hello, I am Hila. 
When it comes to sewing – I have voracious appetite! 
I nurture and value bold colors in my sewing collection, 
I guess you could say that’s my signature style. 

And, as part of my commitment to lifelong learning, 
I constantly seek out challenging designs and unusual techniques. 

I have a myriad of interests I pursue, but sewing is chief among them. 
My love of bright floral's is mirrored from my equal love and passion for gardening.

I’d love to share a project that creates joy in me and in others whenever I wear it. 

This is the Rainbow Moneta Dress
Whenever I wear this dress I get so many compliments from all ages of people 
and they tend to say that it made them smile and thank me for making them smile. 
That’s a beautiful sentiment that is common to all humanity – joy. 
This dress fills me with so much joy that I believe it overflows and passes on to others.

I have only always sewn what makes me happy 
– I have never paid attention to any advice that says if you have broad shoulders 
– don’t wear this, if you have a darker skin tone stay away from yellow. 
My clothes are not for the pleasure of other people looking at me.
They are for ME.

So that’s my advice; 
to have joy in your sewing – ignore what “they” tell you is suitable for your size/age/shape etc.
Sew for your own joy.
Your pleasure.

With heartfelt thanks I am sending much love to you and yours.
 Thank you, Ellen for giving me this opportunity to participate in your sewing advent calendar.