Day 18 - Maria Hayek

Hi! I’m Maria and it’s a pleasure to be part of Ellen’s advent calendar! 
I’m Jordanian but I’ve been living in Norway since 2012. 
I started sewing at the end of 2014 mainly because I was bored and 
because I already had a sewing machine 
(a Bernina from 1964 donated by my husband’s grandmother), 
as you can tell: I haven’t stopped sewing since 😊

I even took my hobby a step further and started an online fabric store, Cottoncandy 
and decided to use a year on studying Sewing and Design which I’m currently doing.

I like experimenting with fabric and have tried loads of different ones. 
The garment I want to share with you today is my Red skinny jeans.
I wanted red jeans for a long time and last summer I finally made me a pair, 
which you can see more of here on my blog (I even have a modifications video).

As for a sewing tip from me…I have many! 

My main one will always be: 
Don’t restrict yourself based on your perception of your own skill level! 
I can’t tell you how many times I’ve heard the words: 
“this looks great but it’s beyond my level”. 
Don’t think that way! 
Try new things…try “difficult” things…
It’s how you learn them and how they become easy 😊 

Enjoy sewing and check me out on my blog and Instagram πŸ˜‰


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