Day 19 - Trudie Scholman

Trudie Scholman (or with my given by birth names: Geertruida Maria Scholman), 
born in the Netherlands and moved to Norway in '93. 
Living in Stavanger and working as a graphical designer.

Always very active with her hands 
- either painting, woodcraft, ceramics or whatever... 
not at last SEWING.
Together with Ellen I was one of the contestants of the Norwegian Sewing Bee (2017), 
a great experience - unforgetable! it gave me friends for life.
I love to learn and my latest course was last weeks 'serigraphy course', 
(thanks to TAU trykk).
I wished there were more hours in a day! 
for time is too short to do everything I want to.
By the way... yes my hair is my natural color 😊, Ha!

One of my projects is to design fabrics, just to fit for a special project. 
You cannot make it more unique!
Like a t'shirt. It is very easy to do and with great effect. 

You can either design on professional software like adobe illustrator, 
or just use pictures and free available programs. 
More information and tips are to be found on Spoonflower 
(where you can order just any fabric with your own print).

Right now I am working on a tennis skirt and shirt and just wait until Spoonflower announces an offer with free shipping, so the costs are not getting sky high. Fabric Design
More projects on Instagram

Sewing tip: For those of you that really like to sew but are newbies (but have some money to spend):  invest in a overlock machine, I bought my first one for about 6 years ago and suddenly all of my sewing looked much more professional and gave me a lot of pleasure!

Good luck with all projects to everyone and have a very Merry X-mas!🎄


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