Day 2 - Camelia Debruin

Hi , it is so nice to be here as a part of Ellen`s Advent Calendar. 
I am  Camelia (or CalcedoniaSewing), originally from Romania 
and living for more than 13 years in The Netherlands. 

I started sewing in 2008 trying to find something to keep me busy 
and years later it became a small (read BIG:) obsession, 
next to collecting  fabric and patterns, I don`t want to call it hoarding ๐Ÿ˜‚ 

One of my favorite fabric to work with is denim 
and I love making jeans and denim dresses. 
The dress above is from KnipMode Magazine 6/2018, 
a Dutch sewing magazine. 
I love this dress and I have all the details on my blog

My sewing tip
Make a test garment (muslin, toile) to know the fit of the pattern 
you are making, to learn the construction of it and 
to see if you like the silhouette. 
That will save you a lot of tears, time and money 
(by not wasting nice fabric) 


  1. I love her dress, beautiful and looks perfect on her :)

    1. She is an amazing seamstress and her sewing is very nicely ๐Ÿค—


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