Day 21 - Ingrid Bergtun

Ingrid Bergtun is a 27 years old sewing and refashion blogger. 
She discovered sewing only two and a half years ago 
and got addicted to this amazing world of creativity. 

Ingrid participated in the Norwegian sewing bee contest in 2017. 
Thereafter she decided that sewing should be a bigger part of her life. 
She made a business of her creativity, and this is now her full time job. 
On the picture she is wearing a refashion jumpsuit made of an old blazer and skirt.

This is a Christmas dress she has made on less than 2 hours in a TV show!

Last September she present her very own refashion clothing line at a fashion show in Oslo. 
She has also cooperated with H&M on their new concept TAKE CARE. 
A concept where customers can get their old clothes and stash refashion. 

She shares sewing inspiration, tips and tutorials on her blog, 
YouTube and Instagram account every day.