Day 22 - Olaf

I started my “sewing career” app. 2 year ago 
with the simple question of my mother if I can repair her sewing machine. 
The truth is that I fail, but my interest was born to sew. 

I got a voucher from my lovely wife for my first own machine, a Brother Innov-is 15. 
Table clothes and cushion covers my first projects.

In my real live I’m an engineer in the field of industrial brazing, 
so it was a nice experience to build some things with my hands. 

I’m really happy about the fact that my wife loves to put on the things I’m sewing. 
Yes sometimes I also make clothes for myself. 

In the meantime I change my machines completely to Bernina. 
Most of my projects are visible on Instagram and Facebook  

For the next year I plan ahead to sewing any month a new waistcoat for me. 
In additional I like to make an original Scottish kilt. First parts I bought this year.

Here is a picture of my last project. 
A pullover, pattern from leni.pepunktAufreisser.pulli”.

Out of my experience I can give all my sewing sisters and brothers the tip 
to spend enough time with a good preparation of the pattern 
and with cutting the fabrics in the right way. 
At the end good results will take shape.

Thanks again! I’m looking forward to follow you with happiness and love for our common hobby…


  1. I love to see more men sewing, knitting, quilting, etc. Any of the fabric/fiber arts. Good job and keep on sewing!


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