Day 23 - Vesna

Hello! My name is Vesna, 
I'm 34 years old archaeologist and I live in Belgrade, Serbia. 
I started sewing in January of 2009 and haven't stopped ever since - 
learning this craft for these past 10 years has been so satisfying and rewarding! 

I also enjoy knitting, crochet and hand embroidery - 
pretty much anything that involves needle and fiber 😊

I love documenting my sewing on Instagram and I also started a Blog 
with the same purpose (that I don't spend nearly enough time cultivating..) 

If I'm not working or sewing I tend to waste my time by watching way too many TV shows, 
drinking way too much coffee and having long conversations with my indifferent cat Lulu.

Here's a link for sewing project I'd like to share: Magnolia Dress

Sewing tip - embrace hand sewing! 
Take a little bit of time to finish that hem on your coat or skirt by hand 
- it'll make all difference in the world!


  1. Flott dame med flotte kjoler⭐
    E så kjekt å få følla med på forskjellige mennesker med forskjellige plagg!Fantastisk kjekk julekalender!God jul🎄🎄❤

    1. Tusen takk gode Torunn! God Jul kjære venn ♥


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