Day 3 - Oksana Starzhynska

Hello! My name is Oksana and I'm very proud of being 
invited here, thank you, Ellen!😊

I started sewing clothes for myself when I was 12 and I am still in this stage πŸ˜‰  
During this time I learned quite much about the sewing 
and even earned for living with tailoring for some years.
Then had a break in the activity and came back to it, thanks to my friends 
from BurdaStyle whose projects and encouragement 
are the limitless source of inspiration for anyone.

I also bead different accessories to complete my outfits. 
I gladly share here; one of the best coats I've ever made πŸ˜Š

Compromise with Romance Coat  

Sewing tip... 
After giving many sewing tip, I understood that I often need a sewing tip myself πŸ˜Š
Never be afraid to cut the fabric, and if the cutting is wrong, while saving the situation, 
you can create something really original and unique!


  1. Thank you, Ellen :-) I am always impressed with your creativity and numberless ideas for the projects but now your positive energy and inspiration seem to unite all the seamstresses in the world! Merry Chrismas to you and your family, my dear friend, let all your wishes come true :-)

    1. Thaks for your kind words Oksana. You are an amazing woman and I love your beautiful handcrafted sewing and jewellery!
      Wishing you and your family a Merry Christmas, and happiness and joy!πŸ˜ŠπŸŽ„


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