Day 4 - Bjørg-Elisabeth Antoniazzi

Hello my name is Bjørg-Elisabeth Antoniazzi.
I am 68 nearly 69 years old, but still going strong 😊 
I was born in Bergen in Norway and still live nearby.
I just love sewing and knitting.

And I just love this saying:
Make the most
of the least possible 😉

How to make a jacket and a skirt out of one skirt:

I used BURDA

Then I start with this old skirt from 1980.

I got a lot of fabrics, and I had to decide which part I want to have where.

Then I started sewing - with very good explanation from BURDA.

I had an old zipper I could use.

A good sewing tip when you are sewing pants:
If you are sewing the whole pants with waistline, without sewing the back seam.
You measure your waist, and then you can sew the back seam 
and the pants will fit you perfectly.

Good Luck!!!


  1. Replies
    1. Ja, hun er super dyktig! Både jakken og skjørtet ble kjempeflott! :)

  2. What a good idea with this advent calendar! Thank you for all these sewing girls!

  3. Beautiful project... some kind of sportive romance :-)


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