Day 8 - Chantal Lichtlé

My name is Chantal and I live in the east of France, in the Alsace region near Colmar. 

I took my first sewing class when I was 13 years old. 
Since then, I have never stopped sewing. 

In 2014 after having lost my job for economic reasons I had the chance to be 
accepted at a private fashion school where I learned to make my own patterns. 

In March 2017 I created the company Chantal New style: 
I create clothes, accessories (bags) and sewing patterns. 
In December, I will sell my creation at Christmas markets in Alsace.

The project I would like to share is a corset.
For my birthday, I made myself a present: 
a week of lingerie training to learn how to make a corset to my measurements. 
It was just happiness. I sewed this exceptional piece, and everything worked perfectly.

Sewing tips: 

I have many technical tip, but it would be too long to explain. 
What I would like to recommend is to take your time: sewing is not a race. 
Don't stress and if the things go wrong, make a break. 
Keep in mind that everyone makes mistakes, it's human and we learn a lot of our mistakes. 
In sewing you have to be patient and rigorous.


  1. Such a great lady! I already love her!

  2. What a wonderful woman to meet through your advent calender. I have been enjoying each day a new seamstress. New creative forces to follow and share in their journeys.

    1. Thanks Hila! It's always nice to meet new seamstresses to share the same passion! ;-)

  3. Great advice!! Beautiful corset and wish Chantal much luck in her new creative journey!! :)

  4. It was a pleasure to participate to this creative advent calender. Thanks Ellen and thanks for all the comments


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