Long Wool Jacket

This is a great jacket to wear when it's cold and freezing outside!              

I have had the pattern for a long time, and I finally  got the time for sewing it! 

It's from My Image 2010/2011.  

It's an easy pattern, but when you have the right wool fabric it's just to do it 😉 

I like the big pockets, and it's warm and cozy to wear.                                

I have even used it as an outdoor jacket, only for a short period when I'm using the car.   



  1. Perfect fabric for this pattern! It looks very cozy!

  2. What a lovely jacket! It's eyecatching and looks so comfortable too.

    1. Thanks Diane! Yeah, I'm very happy with it ;-))

  3. Love your new pretty jacket! :)

  4. Nice! Your energy is...contagious! I love your hair!


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