Origami Dress

This is a new TR Technic I have learned!
I have used linen fabric and that's great to work with when you make pleats like this.
Of course you have to be exactly when sewing the pieces together..
I made the front part first and then decided to combine red and black on the back as well.
I could use red or black skirt for the dress,
but figure out that it would be more interesting with making waves for the skirt :) 

I start with drawing lines on the body and make a pattern for the origami pleats.

This is how it looks like after cutting out the pattern that I made.

The front part is finished.

I choose a Burda pattern for the skirt and draw the wave-lines how I wanted them to be.
To make it fit the upper front I decided to use red in front and black at the back,
and I'm Happy how it turned out! :)

Thanks BurdaStyle for featuring My Dress!


  1. This is amazing! You're so creative and talented Ellen.

    1. Thanks for your lovely comments dear Diane😍

  2. This is a new wow-project. Your enthusiasm is as stunning as your creativity and skillfulness.

  3. This is such a striking and unique dress. You've done an amazing job designing and sewing it. I really enjoyed seeing the pictures and how you did it!


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