Panel Top

 I have to say that it's very seldom that I make a black/grey garment...!😉

Anyway, I have used two special fabric that I like to combine very much; 
  • the black fabric is a faux leather with crocodile print and a bit of stretch
  • the other fabric is a sparkling jersey with stretch

I had to match the panels vert carefully at the seams.
The top has an invisible zipper at the back.
I have made a panel-dress of the same pattern earlier.  
It's based on a pattern from Burda Easy 04/2013.

We don't have any snow yet ❄❄❄


  1. Cool! It's a good year so far!

  2. Very well-made and stylish and the cut of the panels is flattering (not that you need it!) Looks like high-end couture from cool European designer!

    1. It makes me very happy to hear that! Thanks for such kind words :)


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