Red & Blue Refashion

It's getting colder and it's time for wearing WOOL ⛄

 I always start my refashion project with cutting apart garments
and try out which colors that looks nice together.

The great thing about refashion is that a sweater can be used for several projects.
Since the red sweaters was exact same color it was a perfect match together.
The sweater on the last picture became a skirt for the dress, and the other one a collar. 
I had to make a double collar since the sweater was very loose knitted,
and I lined the skirt with red stretch satin. 

The bright blue sweater was a great match too. I wanted to make square sleeves, 
but decided to cut them with a curve to make them fit better.
The black turtleneck is used as a waistband, and the cuffs are from another wool top.