Wool Dress :)

My lovely friend and model Susan 😍 is wearing a new refashion dress on a local mannequin show in Etne, (close to where I live).

The dress is made of an old wool jacket (sleeves), a waistcoat and an old sweater from my husband's closet..

Even if the wool has a good quality is can be a bit "bumpy" after a while, so therefore I decided to use the wrong side out.

I wanted to have a plain grey skirt, so the backside of the sweater is the front of the skirt, and the sleeves became two panels for the back of the skirtπŸ˜‰

I turned the waistcoat back/forward and used a silver rubber-band around the neck with black pearls at the ends. 
I could use some of the knitted bottom of the waistcoat as finishing for the skirt, which makes it very nice. 
I made some pleats at the front of the skirt and darts at the back. Voila - finished! 

I'm telling about the dress and how I made it 😊


  1. You've got a kind of Norwegian winter elegance with this dress! Bright (despite the colours!) and smart piece !

    1. Thanks for your lovely compliments Oksana! 😘

  2. Your re-fashions are terrific!! The lacy sweater sleeves are such a pretty contrast. I love this!!! Your friend models it well. :)

    1. Thanks sweet Lisa, you are always so kind 😍


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