Dancing Dress

This little girl wanted a dancing dress πŸ‘—
She has chosen both the pattern and the fabric, and she loves pink πŸ’— 
The fabric is cotton satin with a bit of stretch.
For the inner lining of the top I have used cotton voile.
At the first site it looks like a top and a skirt, 
but the inner lining is connected to the skirt.
The little loop at the back of the neck makes it special
and its great for the neck opening.
As you can see I have used bias tape around the armholes as well.

She is a Happy girl with her new dress! πŸ˜„

The pattern is from Ottobre 03/2017


  1. Adorable Ellen!!! Utterly and completely adorable!! She looks like such a happy girl in her pretty new dancing dress. :)

    1. Thanks sweet Lisa! She's swinging round and round ;-))

  2. Darling and I love the print placement. Every little girl loves a twirly dress.

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