Refashion Romper :)

I know this is Crazy, and that's why I love it! πŸ’›

It's always FUN putting garments together in a new way! πŸ˜‰
Yellow and grey looks nice together. 
I started with the upper part of the jacket and use the neck line from the knitted top.
The important thing with a romper is that you need an easy way to take it on and off!
Therefore I cut the neckline open, then it will be functional..
The black sleeves and waistline are from the same wool top.
I have used the short sleeves of the grey T-shirt on top of the wool sleeves
and the yellow cuffs. I hemmed the short pants with wool ribbon. 
This was the part left after I made this easy Dress.

I change the yellow buttons with black buttons and I think this looks great!


  1. Always amazed with your talent of refashioning of garments! Great job as usual!

    1. Thanks Linda! There are no limits and a lot of Fun ;-))

  2. You have such an eye for colour and balance! Love the way the details tie it all together. I shall try that double sleeve, so effective for a small change. Sue

    1. Thanks Sue! It makes me happy to hear ;-) I'm looking forward to see your sleeves!


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