Circle Dress :)

This "young Lady" asked me to make a dress for her doll.
I made a circle with a hole combined with an upper body, and she was so Happy 😉
 Then she asked; "Can you sew one for me too?"
"Of course", I said.
Luckily I had enough fabric left for a circle dress for her as well,
and she loves to spin around and around..!
By the way, I got the fabric from my nice brother in law.
He bought it on a market in Cannes to me 😊
I have made the pattern, and as you can see I have used bias tape to finish the hem.
The funny thing is that I had to combine both pink and yellow 
since I didn't have enough of any color.

She loves playing with her doll 😍


  1. Such a cutie!!! And what a good 'problem' to have as the different colors in the bias binding make the outfit even cuter and more unique. She must feel so special to not only have a special dress made for her by someone who loves her very much..... but to match with her sweet doll. :)

    1. he-he, that's for sure :-) Thanks for your lovely comment dear Lisa!


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