Halter Style Dress

What is nicer than a Halter Style Dress for summer ๐ŸŒธ
The fabric feels like silk, so soft even though it is polyester blend.
I bought the fabric for the Sewing Bee Challenge 2017 and my plan was to use it for the bathrobe.
Since I found a fabric that I like even more, this has been in my stash for a while..
I thought it would be nice for this pattern and with wiener-pleats it has to be very soft draped.
It was a bit challenging to make lining for the upper part, but with some hand-stitching it went well.
I didn't line the skirt, I like the flow when I'm moving and it feels very nice to the skin :)




  1. Beautiful material, beautiful print, beautiful pattern, but you are more beautiful!

  2. Beautiful dress and fabric. You did a great work, my friend.


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