Kimono & Linen Curtain

 This was the last curtain left of my red linen curtains...
I love linen and since the curtain only was faded on the wrong side it was great to use.
I found the kimono pattern in Simpicity Easy no. 3/2019 
I have used the eyelets as decoration for the front upper part,
and think it's a unique detail ๐Ÿ‘€
The pattern is very easy to sew with the sleeves together with the front and back panel,
but I like the peplum witch are lower in front and higher at the back.
I have used a double layer to finish the sleeve hem.




  1. You are a wizzard , Ellen!! This looks gorgeous and love the eyelet detail!

    1. So nice to hear Camelia! Thanks for your lovely words! ;-)

  2. Your jacket reminds me of a very expensive and on trend one my friend has. Such excellent repurposing - and such an eye for possibilities!

    1. You are so kind Su! Thank you very much for such nice compliments ♥

  3. What a great idea to use the eyelets! Love it.

  4. Hi Ellen,
    I searched you on the internet as I'm quite sad about the disappearance of the Burda sewing community on the new website. I can't believe they did't create a space where we can exchange our ideas and share projects...
    I think you were part of the influencers, right? Are you in touch with the Burda admins and know if they have plans to bring the community back? I tried to reach them through their fb page, but the admins aren't responsive. So I thought I'll try to find you...
    Please let me know if you have more info!
    Many thanks,

    1. Hi Kathrin,
      I'm also sorry that BurdaStyle don't have the sewing community where we can share member projects anymore.. I tried the new web page, but the only place to share is on FB: Burda Style English Official, but I can't see any place on the new BS web page... Sorry, but I have not any more info.
      Maybe you can share on Instagram instead :) Cheers, Ellen

  5. Hi Ellen,
    Indeed, I miss the community, but I understand I have to get over it and look for new channels... Maybe one day they'll have a place for us again.
    All the best, Kathrin

    1. BurdaStyle is on IG as well, and maybe you will like it too :-)
      All the best to you as well ♥


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