Refashion - my Husband's Sweater!

Sometimes you have to try new versions..

This is my husband's old sweater😊
The wool undershirt is from my father in law.

I couldn't use the undershirt with all the holes so I decided to use a plain fabric as lining. 

I asked my husband which one to chose, and he said; "Yellow"💛 and I agreed. 

I made this as a two piece-set.
The sweater is put up-side-down and I have sewn rubber-band at the waist.

The sleeves became like 3/4 long since I made raglan sleeves.

As a finish around the neck I use a bit of the same wool sweater.

I think my lovely model, Torunn looks wonderful in the new refashion set💖

The picture is from a local catwalk ♪♫