Wool & Winter Skirt

Wool is great to wear this time of year!

I had a little fabric left after I made Sara's Jacket and this is a fabric that I just Love! My favorite colors 🧡

The pattern is from BurdaStyle issue 02/2017, and it's a great style.
The pocket-flaps are nice little detail and just for decoration. 

The zipper is exposed at the back and I was lucky to have a color which suits the fabric very well :)
I have lined it with micro satin which are very delicious to wear. 


  1. Love this. I am seeing a lot of these skirts with the heavier fleeces and wools, aka, "blanket skirts" and I love the concept. You did an awesome job on this and the fabric is gorgeous.

    1. Thank you very much for your lovely compliments Bunny! I like very simple skirts which are great to wear together with a sweater :-)

  2. You have relaxed but stylish look here. The skirt seem to pair with anything. It couldn't but be sewed!


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