Doll's Clothing ♥

Our little Princess wanted to have some new clothes for her dolls 

She has dressed the doll's up, so they are ready for party!

This little blouse is made of "left over" from a Refashion Dress ♻

The doll's skirt is made of the neck of a top which I have used for a Refashion Dress 💙

The jersey was "left over" from a Girls Dress

I love Desigual, and this dress is made of a top which I made another Refashion Dress of.

A little panty for the doll.

The fabric is chosen of the little girl, and she told me to make a dress for her doll 😊

This little jacket is made of left overs from a top as well.

- and this is from a boy's T-shirt.

This little jacket is a combo of an adult jacket and a T-shirt which I have used for a refashion dress.

A little shirt from an underwear.

A little skirt from "left overs" for a  Refashion Project

A piece of fabric left from a boy's T-shirt.
I have turned the neckline out and sewn a decoration band.


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