Happy New Year :)

This is a pattern that I really LOVE πŸ’œ

I was lucky to win a selection of Vintage patterns 
in a BurdaStyle competition, and this is one of them!
 The jersey I have chosen for the dress is rather crazy 
so therefore I needed a plain color to suit the fabric.
I tried with different colors, but when I were on holiday I found a lilac 
transparent scarf with a silver sparkling, which I thought would be perfect.
Since I still had a bit left of the scarf after cutting the wide sleeves,
I made a double layer around the neck with opening at the back for a little tie.
I have made a Chiffon Dress earlier with the same pattern.
This dress makes me in a good mood and I'm happy how it turned out! 😊

BurdaStyle Tina Dress


  1. All your style puts in good mood and your ideas motivate a lot! The dresses look so different that it's hard to guess they are by the same pattern. Awesome work as always.

    1. You are so kind Oksana. Thanks for such lovely words, it means a lot to me ♥


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