From Dream to Reality ♥

I'm Happy to share my good singing girl-friend's Coat!
She made the Coat for her own wedding 💕

I met Monica Berge for the first time when I started singing in our choir; Skakkekoret in 2012.
She is an amazing good singer and she sings like an angel💖
- and it makes me Happy that she is willing to share her special project on my blog!

She tells that she had the idea and imagination how the coat should look like 
nearly half a year before she started the project.
She had planned all the details in her head;
-          what fabric to use,
-          how to draw the pattern,
-          how to make the hoodie,
-          how far the tow should be,
-          how to close the coat: with buttons, belt or button hook?

Actually, she had "been sewing" the whole coat in her head 

and bought fabric, and other stuff she needed before she started with the pattern.. 

When the pattern was finished, and when she started sewing, 
she said it was easy since she had thought of different solutions for a long time.

She said, everything was not quite as she had planned, 
but she solved the challenges as the coat was growing.

I totally agree with Monica when she told me that sewing is like meditation; 
You forget both time and place and it feels like all the stress leaves the body.

At the same time, it's incredibly funny to see that an idea turns 
from a dream to a dream garment, just as you have imagine.

She has enjoyed the coat throughout the process, From dream to Reality.

She said; “That's how it is with my ideas. 
I start thinking, planning, designing and executing all the processes 
in my head before I physically start the project itself.
It can be sewing, knitting, woodwork, decorations and more."

Good planning is half of the work😊

Photographer; Svein Egil Økland -  Pixelfun


  1. Monica's wedding coat is so beautiful , elegant, and unique. She looks so happy wearing it. Thanks for sharing.

    1. Yeah, I love her coat, and she has done a fabulous job with it! :)


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