Refashion - My son's T-shirt!

The front part of this top is the back of my son's T-shirt πŸ˜†

The more Crazy print - The more I like it 🀩

I have used a pattern from BurdaStyle 02/2013. I have made a dress of the same pattern earlier, so I knew it was very nice!

I have choose to combine the T-shirt with a plain black viscose jersey, which was a great choice.

The temperature outside was a bit low when my husband took these pictures, so he got me laughing a lot πŸ˜‚

BurdaStyle #109 02/2013


  1. I love it! That print is fantastic, especially how it turned out for your top. Just lovely.

    I had pinned this pattern wayyyy back in 2013 but it doesn't look like electronic versions are still available. Ahhh, well. I'll choose from the 398 patterns I currently have.

    1. Thanks for your lovely comments! Oh, that's pity, but maybe you can design your own pattern! ;-)


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