Chiffon Dress with Flounce

- Happy Color 🌈  - Happy Holiday!

Chiffon from a market in Utrecht in The Netherlands!

I think this fabric was perfect to make a Holiday dress! 🌞

When you have such delicate and transparent fabric it's not so easy to mark the darts.
As  you can see I have hand stitched through the pattern to mark it with tread.

Then you can mark it properly afterwords.

The darts are sewn, and they are not so visible.

I made a double band to gather around the neck of the dress.

First I had to sew the lining for the dress, and decided to go for a dark grey satin. This little cutter from Fiskars is great for cutting "jacks" at the curves.  
The dress is finished with the gathering band as decoration.

I'm very Happy with the outcome! πŸ˜„

BurdaStyle 05/2016


  1. so pretty! great way to use chiffon which I always find a tricky fabric

    1. Thanks a lot Betty! yeah, I agree that chiffon can be challenging, but it's very fluffy to wear :-)


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