Orange Refashion Dress!

I got this sign from my sister in law... 😂

Together with my girlfriend Torunn, and I'm wearing my newest refashion dress.
It's made of a combination of my son's T-shirt, and one of mine, 
and the rest I had left of the dress when I made another Orange Refashion Dress

I cut the lower part shorter since I decided to use a part of the white T-shirt as well.

First I cut the orange T-shirt, and turned it back-forward 
so the printed numbers was going to be on the back part.
I made darts at the waist on the back panel.

I used the hem of the white T-shirt as a bias around the neck of the dress.

I stitched it with cover-lock (twin needle) around the neck. 

The white short sleeves was a great match too.

I used a lot of needles to take care of the crinkled fabric of the dress.

It was a perfect holiday dress 🌞


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