Tunic for my Friend ♥

Ji-Ha ♪♫
My lovely singing Friend Torhild💗

This is a crazy fabric I bought at Alfatex in Germany.
I can't help it, but my eyes always get attracted to such printed-letter-drawing-fabric.. 🤩

Even though this is a tunic, my friend can use it as a dress 
or together with black pant if she like :)  
I think it's nice with the pockets and the inserted panels on the sides.
It also has a drawstring on the lower part. 

The neck of this pattern is a bit special. It looks like a cowl neck, but it's sewn on.

I have used a German pattern from My Image.


  1. Love the print. The collar is similar to a Stylearc top pattern that I have.

    1. Thanks! Oh, that's nice - it's a great collar :)

  2. Your friend looks just lovely in this. Those colors are just incredible on her.

  3. I love this tunic! The fabric is perfect for this!

    1. Thanks a lot Linda! Colors are great to wear this time of year! :-)


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