Dress with Collar !

I’m taking care of all my patterns, and now and then I look 
and find a pattern I want to give new try.
It’s nice to see how different it could be with another fabric.
This is a German pattern from Meine Nähmode 2011. 
The seam allowance is included in the pattern, and that is very unusual.

I chose to use courtelle jersey which are a steady fabric, but still stretchy.
 I think the pleats at the side is a lovely detail, and I like the big collar.
I have been sewing both the collar and the cuffs for the sleeves on the right side 
and then turned it over the seam.
The big button on the collar is also a nice detail together with the sleeve cuffs.
I have omitted the zipper at the back since it’s easy to take on and off when the fabric is stretchy.
I’m really Happy with the outcome 😊

You can see the pleats on the wrong side to the left and the right side of fabric to the right.

The collar and cuffs are finished.

The buttons makes a pop-up to the red.

Meine Nahmode 04.2011


  1. That is a wonderful dress, and so versatile: out to dinner, to a business meeting, teaching...

    1. Thanks Carol! yeah, that's true and it's comfy to wear too ;-)

  2. This looks amazing, I love the bright red!


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