Refashion & Wool Sweaters!

Sometimes when you you're lucky and find nice wool sweaters on sale you can't leave them behind...😂

I'm still in my refashion world 🌍 and I like to try new version and combinations..

You can see how I have cut the sweaters below, and it's very easy sewing it together.

A good tip is to use an invisible elastic at the waist so it will fit better.

I have used the long neck as sleeve cuffs, and the ribbon for the cerise sweater as decoration at the princess seams.

 This time I tried a new style around the neck with two colors, and I think it's nice!


  1. Hei! Veldig flott kjole! Har du et basismønster du bruker for denne typen kjoler? Hilsen Heidi

    1. Tusen takk Heidi! Stort sett all refashion jeg gjør klipper jeg på frihånd.
      Hvis du passer overdelene du bruker, har du et godt utganspunkt. Jeg bruker gjerne herregensere til skjørt ;-)


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