Japanese Handbag #28

It's a long time since I have tried to make a handbag,
so now I found the right time to do it! 😊
I bought different cotton fabric at Stoff og Stil to use for handbags a while ago,
so I found this fabric in my stash.
I'm love turquoise and thought this was great to use for a handbag.
This is a heavy weight cotton fabric, and for the lining I have used a normal cotton fabric.
I have used a thick vliese for the lining as well.

This pattern has side pockets on the outside that I think is really nice.

The straps are sewn over the seams for the side-pockets, and it's great for decoration as well.

The out side handbag is finished, and the lining has to come..

I like to have a little inner-pockets for my lipstick etc. and I wanted to have a zipper as well.

The inner-pocket is finished and then I iron the thick vlies on top of it.

I kept a small opening so it was easy to turn it after sewing it together with the out layer.

I bought this handbag book when visiting Japan. 
It's not easy to read, but the drawing makes sense 😊


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