Refashion & Fun!

  This is a dress with loose scarf at the back that are made of three wool sweaters.
I have lower the waistline of the top and made a miniskirt of the blue sweater.     
For keeping the shape I have used invisible rubber-band at the waist. 
I have inserted blue parts around the shoulders for a pop-up detail.
The neckline is sewn together as a long tube and then it's connected to the front,
and kept loose at the back of the dress.
The sleeves are used up-side-down and it makes a nice curve at the sleeve finish.

I think my good friend looks fabulous in the dress ๐Ÿ’™

This shows how I sew the front neckline.
I have hand-stitched it to the inside neckline.

The finished sleeve with the curve.



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