Marimekko Blouse

I came across this Marimekko fabric on the internet, and couldn't resist to buy some πŸ˜„
The colors caught my eyes, and I knew it would be nice for a blouse.
Of course I have to use my favorite pattern, but this time with short sleeves!
I have made a simple skirt with rubber-band at the waist to fit with the blouse.
Then the outfit was ready to wear! ☼

I started with the shoulders and the facing.

Sleeves to come.

I tried to match the fabric at the side seams, but it was not so easy.

Collar in place and buttons to come!

A little tip when sewing the buttons;
use a match underneath when stitching the button in place, then it's easier to button up.

This is an easy jersey skirt.

BurdaStyle pattern #111 02/2020


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