Brocade Coat 💙


This is a fabulous brocade fabric I have saved to the right moment...

It was quite a challenge since the fabric was fringing a lot, but worth the effort!

I have placed the pattern as shown, and tried to match the stripes on the wrong side.

The pocket is sewn to the side seams.

I have made an inner seam close to the seam line.
Then it's easy for the pocket line to stay in place.
I have sewn the darts at the shoulders for the collar.

The facing is connected to the outer parts.

Then the sleeves have to be sewn, and the lining to come.

I chose to use turquoise satin lining.

I have used snap-buttons and made cover buttons with the same satin lining.

Voila - the coat is ready for a trip to town! 

The Linen Dress is an earlier project.

Pattern from Burda Special E656 - 2004


  1. lovely the colors are beautiful with that dress. It's so hot here now that I can't even imagine sewing a coat, not to mention wearing one :)

    1. he-he, I can understand, but here it's only 12 degrees.. :)

  2. Heilt fantastisk flott Ellen 💕
    Dette e någe av det flottaste du he laga, elle eg kan ikkje velja for du he laga så møje flott og fint, ❤️🤩
    Men heilt fantastisk kåpa så den bere du med stolthet💞

  3. Stunning. Love the coat and the dress.


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