Twist Drape Dress ➰

 I'm into draping for the time being...

This is a pattern with a lot of testing and trying...
It was hard to figure out how the knot in front was going to be.

The fabric is cut this direction to make the pleats fall nicely.

All the pleats are marked carefully.

This is the pleats on the one side at the back-part.

I think the back part looks very nice. This is the only seam except for the shoulders.

Pattern is from drape drape 2.


  1. this is amazing. It looks so good on you. Just the right fabric for this style.

    1. Thanks Beth! yeah, I think it's best to use plain jersey so the draping will be visible :)

  2. Very interesting dress. It fits so well. Must be scary not knowing how it will fit together in the end.

    1. Thanks Vicki, but that's the interesting part! I like to challenge myself... ;-)


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