Big Collar Sweater!

I have to tell that this is a pattern I fell in love with a long time ago..
The problem is that I didn't have the time to try it that time, and suddenly I recognized the pattern in my "library" that are really huge... 😅 and wanted to give it a try!
I started to make the inserted pockets as shown below.
The finish of the sleeves was quite special with pleats and gathering, but I like it!
The collar was cut in a half circle and gather at the inside of the neck, 
so it is rather big, more like a statement collar.
I'm very happy with the sweater so I will probably wear it a lot 😊

You can see how I cut the pocket open.         This is after sewing the pocket together.

This is where we live close to the sea :)

BurdaStyle #110 09/2008


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