Jacket with Fringes!

This was quite an adventure for me!
I knew that I wanted to sew a jacket of the boucle fabric.
I found the right pattern I wanted to use in BurdaStyle issue 02/2013.
I put the pattern and the fabric in a closet, and then I forgot it until now...!

I have tried to match the fabric at the seams.
I read in the instruction that I could make my own fringes, 
but it was different from last time I made fringes.
This time I should use a double layer and sew it to the jacket 
after the jacket was finished, even with the lining!
 Since I had already made the fringes I did sew them around the whole jacket.
Anyway, I made the fringes for the pockets and around the sleeve hem as in the instruction.
I have also used a soft brush and steamed the fringes so they should be more fuzzy.

I have to tell that I'm really Happy how it turned out at the end! 
The wool-jersey skirt is from an earlier project.

I have inserted "fish-shoulder pads"

I have used "invisible" snap-buttons.

BurdaStyle #107 02/2013



  1. Gorgeous jacket! Great job with the fringe. Plus I like the skirt you are wearing and works great with the shorter jacket!

    1. Thanks for your lovely compliments dear Linda ♥

  2. So pretty. Love the whole outfit

  3. Jacket looks like Chanel, Ellen. Love the skirt too. You look amazing in them!

    1. Nice to hear from you Alice! Thanks for your lovely feedback :)


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