Denim Dress with a Twist! 💥

I'm sure this will be one of my favorite dress!

I have started to learn a new Origami technique by Shingo Sato, 
and I can tell it's a great challenge for me, but I like it a lot!

I start with an ordinary body and make triangles were the pleats are going to be.

This is the fininshed pattern, and as you can se it fits exactly when I fold it together.

This is how the pattern looks like on the wrong side.

I cut it out of the fabric and fold it together where the pleats are going to be.
It's important to use cotton fabric so the pleats will last.

This is how the front of the body looks like before stitching it together.

I have made the back part of the body and a skirt with pleats to fit.
I chose to use a skirt pattern of a dress from BurdaStyle 09/2018.


BurdaStyle 09/2018


  1. Fantastisk flott 💙Kult med dei gule skonå te den fargen💛

  2. Very cool!!! I love it!

  3. Unbelievable impressive result! At the same time the dress doesn't "heavy" with all its complex pleats.

    1. Thank you very much for you lovely compliments dear Oksana ♥


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